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Before applying for a construction permit, PSE must obtain ownership of all property required to meet the criteria defined in the prior permits from the cities.

Although an unusual step, PSE may appeal to the Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council if there is a permitting impasse If the cities do not allow the project to proceed.
The City of Bellevue is the lead agency to prepare the Environmental Impact Statement.  Progress may be tracked on their web site.

The chart below shows the sequence of events, with the final EIS to be expected Spring of 2017.  Critical is that Bellevue, cooperating with the other cities involved, will study options but will not make recommendations.

Current Status: Preparing the EIS
Follow the Money

  A fascinating analysis as to just possibly why PSE is doing what they are doing.

A similar article can be found here.

News Reports

PSE proposed High voltage lines and half of the options included 85' high poles, 5 to 6 feet in diameter along the Lake Corridor, removing trees in a 50 to 60' wide swath.  PSE website

Issue: PSE's High Voltage Lines

  1. Aesthetics

  2. Property Values
  3. Environmental
  4. Safety
  5. Other Options
  6. Congestion
  7. Ownership
Why high voltage lines along the Lake Corridor always was a bad idea
Two Routes were selected for recommendations to PSE with the CAG split between them, while some refused to make any recommendation.
 Recommended were Willow and Oak, names given by PSE to represent a collection of segments.

Willow is the existing easterly route with 115kV lines, the lowest cost, most direct route, yet it impacts more residences.

  "Oak" is the second route recommended and received more preferences by the members.  This route also tracks the existing easterly route, but loops through Factoria and largely mitigates the impact to Somerset yet costs an additional $22M.  The loop through Factoria has raised almost no objection.

Three members indicated that they could make no recommendation due to the flawed process of the CAG and the limited options presented.  It is expected that they will submit a minority report.  

Other members agreed with the concern over the flawed process and limited results but if they stayed to the CAG charter of assuming the need and only considered the PSE proposed solution of an overhead route and the routes proposed by PSE, then these would be the recommendations.


Presentation on the Need (or lack there of) for Energize Eastside

  Excellent 13 min. review of the critical drivers for this project can be viewed here.

"Power Lines" page is mostly inactive as there are no longer current plans for high voltage lines on Lake Corridor -- a win for our area of focus, but not yet for the Eastside.  See CENSE


The CAG, or Community Advisory Group was formed by PSE.  Membership may be viewed on the PSE site.  The CAG met throughout 2014.

PSE will make the decision as to what route or routes are carried forward for permitting.  The City of Bellevue is the lead Agency.

​Although none of the routes currently under consideration impact the Lake Corridor area, PSE still believes that they have a legitimate easement along the corridor (see "Who owns the corridor") and we will continue to track the issue.  If it is constructed, it will still have a significant impact on the eastside.

​​Below is the final report of the CAG as written by PSE.

used by permission
FERC Complaint

A very important complaint has been filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) against Puget Sound Energy on their "Energize Eastside" project.  This is a complex legal process.

6/10/15 Press release

6/10/15 Renton Reporter

6/12/15 Bellevue Reporter

After the EIS, PSE will need to apply for a Conditional Use Permit for Bellevue as well as permits from other Cities.  At this time, based upon the EIS, PSE may propose a different solution or routes.

Once the Conditional Use Permit is obtained from Bellevue and other cities, PSE will know the applicable codes that they must satisfy.

Route Recommendation made at final CAG