Why high voltage lines along the Lake Corridor is a bad idea
  1. Aesthetics

  2. Property Values
  3. Environmental
  4. Safety
  5. Other Options
  6. Congestion
  7. Ownership

Issue: PSE's High Voltage Lines

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Sign our Petition to the Cities of 
​Renton, Newcastle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond

One year permit moratorium on above ground transmission lines above 100kV until city strategies & codes have been revised to minimize impacts of such projects to residential or recreational areas. Over 2,000 have now signed.

PSE is proposing High voltage lines' and half of the options include 90' to 110' high poles, 5 to 6 feet in diameter along the Lake Corridor, removing trees in a 50 to 60' wide swath.  This is a revision to their earlier vegetation plan. PSE website

News Reports
Is it time to rethink this instead of just going with the flow?

Coalition of Eastside Neighborhoods for Sensible Energy, CENSE

-- Bridle Trails 

-- City of Bellevue

-- Kennydale (search PSE)

-- Norwood

-- Somerset

Olympus Homeowner's Position

  Simply picking PSE's other southern option, utilizing their existing corridor, isn't an option.  See the below.

Upcoming Events

September 10 6-8 PM,

Renton Pavilion Event Center, 233 Burnett Ave S, Renton & September 11, 6-8 PM, Bellevue Hilton, 300 112th Ave SE--Public Meetings (input can be provided on route options)

10/1/14 6:30-8:30 PM Red Lion Hotel Bellevue, 11211, Main St.-- CAG (weighted evaluation factor analysis)

10/8/14 6:30 - 8:30 PM Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center, 16600 NE 80th St. -- Review "Objective Analysis" & make recommendation

November 12 & 13 time & location TBD -- Public Meetings (input on recommended options from 10/1)

12/10/14 5:30 - 8:30 time TBD -- CAG (develop final recommendation to PSE)

Follow the Money

  A fascinating analysis as to just possibly why PSE is doing what they are doing..

revised  7/22

new 8/10

7/9 CAG Somewhat Recommended Route Options

  In advance of the meeting, eight of 24 CAG members provided PSE some routes that they would propose be removed from consideration. The four neighborhood Alternates were not allowed to vote. Input was reviewed and discussed at the CAG.  

  Seven of the 18 routes were placed as not recommended;six 6 of the 9 routes that included segment L (Lake Corridor portion) were among those not recommended.

 However, PSE's later said all routes will still be included in the community input sessions in September as well as the weighted analysis late in the fall.

  The CAG also agreed upon the following evaluation factors, which will be also floated to the community meetings:

  • ​Avoids Residential Areas
  • Avoids sensitive community land uses
  • Avoids sensitive environmental areas
  • Protects mature vegetation
  • Utilizes opportunity areas
  • Longevity
  • Cost
  • Avoids impacts to aesthetics
  • Protects health & safety

​  (New 7/22) The following is the data chart expected to be used in the evaluation:

8/4 Bellevue Council Action

  Staff revised their recommendations to align with the Council's request to have independent analysis before entering in to the Environmental Impact Statement process.  Council unanimously authorized the seeking of outside expertise with contracts to be brought back for approval in September.  See video, starting at 2:47, agenda item 11f.


new 8/22

Presentation on the Need (or lack there of) for Energize Eastside

  Excellent 13 min. review of the critical drivers for this project can be viewed here.

PSE Survey Closes 9/17

  PSE has released a debrief of information on the project and is asking for community input here.  All but the survey at the end is background.  Only one survey may be completed per computer.  This is exactly the same information that will be presented and gathered at the two sessions on 9/10 and 9/11.  The data tables are well worth your time to review before giving input on specific routes.  The weighting is difficult, but crucial.  Note: "utilizes opportunity areas" is a canceling factor saying that neither businesses nor residences want the lines, and "longevity" distinguishes only slightly one route,  This author's recommendation::

  • 30% ​Avoids Residential Areas
  • 10% Avoids sensitive community land uses
  • 15% Avoids sensitive environmental areas
  • 15% Protects mature vegetation
  • 0% Utilizes opportunity areas
  • 0% Longevity
  • 10% Cost
  • 10% Avoids impacts to aesthetics
  • 10%Protects health & safety​
  • ​Avoids Residential Areas
  • Avoids sensitive community land uses
  • Avoids sensitive environmental areas
  • Protects mature vegetation
  • Utilizes opportunity areas
  • Longevity
  • Cost
  • Avoids impacts to aesthetics
  • Protects health & safety​
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    new 8/27