Issue: Design trail for users & residents

Trail Survey Begins

  County survey crews are working along the corridor to get detailed 3D information that they need to begin the design process. 

Trail Design Begins

  The County is working on the trail master planning & environmental through the end of 2016. The end of 2014 will be a major review point. The County’s Architectural & Engineering firm for the trail is Parametrix and started March 2014.

  The County will have a formal Advisory committee to obtain public input. They have also hired PRR to do the public relations. Actual design begins end of 2016.

Below, Interurban "Trail" -- no thanks!
County Briefing 

  On 4/2/14, the County's Master Trail plan was reviewed.  We would question the Cointy's assertion of fee ownership and reference to the legitimacy of PSE and Sound transit's easements, see; otherwise this provides a comprehensive look at both the plan and status of the Trail.  See below for the presentation. 

News Reports
Bellevue Takes a Big Step

  On 12/1, Bellevue City Council included in the budget for next year: 

“purchase or lease of a portion of the abandoned BNSF railroad corridor ($1 million)”

  Although there are no specific plans on what parcel needs to be purchased, it is an indication of City commitment to be part of the Eastside Rail Corridor Regional Advisory Committee and be a player in the issue.

To the left is what City of Kirkland is completing--removing the rails and building an Interim Trail..

new 12/5


  Most all area mayors and councilmembers have bought in to a multi-use corridor without knowing what it will actually look like.  The County has the responsibility and the goal to build a world class trail and will need our support and cooperation.
  See the diagram below and the ERC RAC tab for the nightmare of what this could become without intervention.
What will our trail look like?
  It all depends upon just what will get packed in to it.  PSE's high voltage 6' diameter and 85' high poles and lines with their need to keep the surface clear of trees?  Light rail zooming by every 20 minutes and their need for wires?  Hwy 405 expanding the freeway creating 30' high retaining walls?  Freight trains?  New water lines, limiting other uses?