will need our support and cooperation.
  See the diagram below and the ERC RAC tab for the nightmare of what this could become without intervention.
Why We Must Build the Trail Mostly on the Rail Bed? 

  • the only purpose to take it off the railbed is make it easy just in case light rail is built in the corridor
  • Cheaper & quicker to build -- the cost of the trail on the railbed is $32 million vs. $80 million
  • Saves the trees on the corridor's east side -- almost all of these trees will need to be removed, reducing trail ambiance, reducing the sound barrier from the freeway, and facilitating more pollution in to homes from I-405.
  • Unsafe car crossing -- cars will need to stop for the trail, then watch for both traffic on the trail and the street that they are joining before proceeding.
Trail Master Plan and EIS Released

The County has released their Trail Master Plan & Environmental Impact Statement--see link for all of the different sections.

The document is a revision to the previous document, with changes in blue.  Of wide interest to residents will be Chapter 4--here the County addresses many of the concerns raised in the comment period.

The plan now moves to King County Council for action and funding.  Then will come the Design phase.

Web Site Currently Inactive

Overall Concerns

What are some of the concerns of those who live along the corridor?
  • parking by trail users interfering with residents
  • crime, both on the trail and against adjoining property owners (ease of casing, ease of escape with the trail)
  • noise
  • ​trespass on to private property, especially trying to access the waterfront
  • ​build on the current RR bed to limit impact, reduce cost, and speed the process
  • ​vehicle crossing delays by trail traffic
Key Link

The County's Trail Master Plan site will be increasingly of interest to residents.


The County is utilizing the Environmental Impact Statement Process because the project passes through multiple jurisdictions, grades, shorelines, and enables broad input (see the overview graphic below).
  It all depends upon just what will get packed in to it.  PSE's high voltage 6' diameter and 85' high poles and lines with their need to keep the surface clear of trees?  Light rail zooming by every 20
What will our trail look like?
  Most all area mayors and councilmembers have bought in to a multi-use corridor without knowing what it will actually look like.  The County has the responsibility and the goal to build a world class trail and
City of Kirkland has removed the rails and built an Interim Trail..
News Reports
"Encroachments" and "Special Use Fees 

There are many, many areas of the corridor where over the past one hundred years, residents have "encroached" upon the designated railroad right of way.  The County clearly intends to claim the full width even though it isn't required for the trail.  Major segments of roadways are in the ROW and the County will attempt to assert "Special Use Fees."  This issue will need to be resolved in the courts.  The County's analysis of these constraints may be viewed here.

​The County has indicated that these issues will be addressed after the adoption of the Master Plan.

Below, Interurban "Trail" -- no thanks!

Issue: Design trail for users & residents

minutes and their need for wires?  Hwy 405 expanding the freeway creating 30' high retaining walls?  Freight trains?  New water lines, limiting other uses?

revised 4/5/16