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Why a Web Site Devoted to this?

Four issues are colliding in a very small space.  First, the County has the responsibility to construct a hiking and biking trail, but it must all be on the corridor itself and eventually contiguous.  They also must be able to revert the corridor to freight, if required.

Next, Puget Sound Energy proposed to run huge power poles and lines along the corridor which requires them to clear the trees in a wide swath when constructed--this battle appears to have been won for now.  Next, Sound Transit is studying having Light Rail running along the corridor.  Finally, once the funding is in place for Hwy. 405 expansion, the footprint expands and potentially creates huge retaining walls.   All of the while, an existing 8' diameter sewer line that meanders from side to side needs to be not under a future Light Rail.  There are also existing natural gas and fiber optics lines that are buried.

​Can all of this fit together and be an asset?  Will the current residents see their homes spoiled?  Will the future trail and bike users feel like they are in an urban jungle of bad decisions?

This website is dedicated to the residents, future users of the corridor, and the agencies so that we might not squander this gift to which we have been entrusted.

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Community interest group of owners and neighbors of the former railroad corridor from Newcastle Beach to Coulon Park, working with the users to determine the best use of the corridor